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Buying a home can be considered as once a lifetime opportunity for most people, one that will shape the environment you live in for the rest of your life. We understand how important the decision of getting yourself a good home can turn out to be. So keeping this in mind we offer you our best homes from our top-quality and budget efficient plans. You will have to look nowhere else.
We help you build your dream house catered to your needs and customizations and that too within your budget. Our custom homes will give you the freedom to decide how your home turns out to be. Once you get to experience of our new homes, you will come to understand that not only the designs and facades are pleasing but also upon close inspection you will find out even the materials used are of top grade. We are one of the best construction companies in Cairn and far North QLD region with guaranteed customer satisfaction that has been proven with our past Cairns construction projects. Staying in touch with us even after project completion is easy, you can use our contact us page to get in touch easily.

Duplex/Triplex &
Town Houses

Cairns Five River Group offers you the finest service when you decide for a unit development project. Unit development is a hassling process and we are here to guide and complete your construction project so that you can ease through the process without having to worry about anything.
Experienced and fully capable building practitioners will help you and complete the project on time and within budget and even after completion you can easily get in touch with us. A town planning permit is required before any unit development project gets underway and we also help you get the required permit easily by helping you to enhance your design plans for better chances of approval as part of our pre-construction services.
So, rest easy and get rid of your stress while our skilled manpower and managers handle everything from process management to quality assurance. Contact us if you would like to know more or get started on your project right away.


Cairns Five River Group is experienced with many demolitions and rebuild projects and plans from the past. Bringing down a house or a building is like destroying all the memories you had made in them. Something more beautiful needs to be built on its place in order for you to make more beautiful memories compared to the past or for you to just completely change the style of your homes with time.
From the demolition of the first brick to all the way up to the reconstruction, we will handle them all for you with well thought out plans and procedures along with effective management for efficient scheduling of processes for timely completion of the project and within the budget estimated at the very beginning. Our experienced and skilled staffs from project managers to workers will provide you with the best of services that you require. Please feel free to contact us for any further details required and get started on rebuilding.


We at Cairns Five River Group guarantee to provide you with the best builder renovations that you will find in Cairn. Every renovation project promises to deliver long-lasting quality along with a new feel to the house yet with the same old cozy feeling.
We start with an on-site visit from our qualified and skilled team in order to assess the area for renovation and collaborate with you in bringing your ideas to reality. Our expert panel of designers ensure the best possible design outcome in accordance with your ideas along with keeping safety as the number one priority.
From home extensions to refurbishment and renovations, we have ample experience with them so we can assure you that you will be getting the best in the market service once you contact us to get started on your renovation projects.

House &

Cairns Five River Group helps you find the best house and land packages in Cairns. No matter if you are in search for your first home or just searching for properties to invest in, we provide you with the best package deals available to you. Getting package deals can always help you spend a little less and save up for something else. We provide the best-fixed price deals with no extra or hidden charges.
Contact us today itself to get the best offers available in the market right now and start investing in buying a home or land.